Our Mission


 Our goal at Fulton Findings is to further Weibull Engineering “WE” by simplifying Weibull plotting and Crow-AMSAA trending in the reliability, quality, maintainability, and safety areas with our clear, intuitive, touch-based software. Our “WE” training comes with a FULL software license for each participant to ensure their expert capability when the class is over. 

 “WE” uses statistical analysis for predicting life, quality, maintainability, risk, support cost, process reliability, and warranty. It includes Weibull, and all other useful distributions for modeling data variability. “WE” includes all facets of the journey; data collection, to analysis, to management decision. 

 The Weibull analysis is applicable across all industries. Fulton Findings serves industries ranging anywhere from aeronautics to dentistry.  

Our Expertise

First in the Industry

Fulton Findings has been operating and leading the Weibull industry since day 1. CEO Wes Fulton was the very first person in the WORLD to create a Weibull statistical software. Due to his seniority and expertise in the world of Weibull concludes Fulton Findings as the industry leader.

CEO Wes Fulton created SuperSMITH TM over 30 years ago and was partnered with the world renowned expert of Weibull analysis, Dr. Robert Abernethy. This partnership led Fulton Findings software to be the one and only software program that is completely compatible with the most widely published and legitimate Weibull Handbook. 

Fulton Findings operates world wide as companies all over the world buy software and take advantage of the classes and consulting that Fulton Findings provides. SuperSMITH and accompanying software that Fulton Findings offers is the most in depth and specialized Weibull software in the industry. 

Weibull, Data Plot, Graph, Statistical Software, Data Analysis, Reliability Software

Weibull, Data Plot, Graph, Statistical Software, Data Analysis, Reliability Software

Our Software

Fulton Findings software is engineered for reliability and statistical analysis for predicting life, safety, survivability, risk, cost and warranty claims, substantiation and accelerated testing by using Weibull, log normal, Crow-AMSAA, probit and Kaplan-Meier models.

Fulton Findings software is the only software compatible with the industry leading Weibull handbook written by Dr. Robert Abernethy.


Software Inclusions

Weibull Analysis Includes

  • Plotting the data and interpreting the plot
  • Failure forecasting and prediction 
  • Evaluating corrective action plans
  • Test substantiation for new designs with minimum cost
  • Maintenance planning and cost effective replacement strategies
  • Spare parts forecasting
  • Warranty analysis and support cost predictions 
  • Controlling production processes
  • Calibration of complex design systems
  • Recommendations to management in response to service problems

Data Problems and Deficiencys include

  • Censored or suspended data
  • Mixtures of failure models
  • Nonzero time origin
  • Unknown ages for successful units
  • Extremely small samples (as small as one failure)
  • No failure data
  • Early data missing
  • Inspection data, both interval and probit

Failure Types Include

  • Development, production and service
  • Mechanical, electronic, materials, and human failures
  • Nature; lightning strikes, foreign object damage, human error, woodpecker holes in power poles
  • Quality control, design deficiencies, defective material
  • Warranty claims

Math Modeling for System Analysis Include

  • Explicit models for independent failure modes
  • Monte Carlo simulation for dependent failure modes
  • Reliability growth, repairability, and management tracking using Crow-AMSAA models
  • Exponential, Binomial and Poisson models
  • Warranty claims models
  •  Production process control models