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5.0DH (Released Aug 24th 2018)

SuperSMITH (TM) Weibull

 SuperSMITH Weibull is the ONLY complete probability plotting software that is 100% compatible with The New Weibull Handbook by Dr. Bob Abernethy, the leading authority on Weibull analysis. 

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SuperSMITH (TM) Visual

SuperSMITH Visual is a collection of simplified business and scientific plotting routines, including best-practice Crow/AMSAA (Duane) reliability growth plotting that works hand-in-hand with SuperSMITH Weibull.  

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SuperSMITH (TM) Ybath (TM)

 SuperSMITH YBath(TM) requires larger data sets for useful solutions, and it is a more complex solution required when different occurrence mechanisms are mixed together into one data set.  

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Our goal at Fulton Findings is to further Weibull Engineering “WE” by simplifying Weibull plotting and Crow-AMSAA trending in the reliability, quality, maintainability, and safety areas with our clear, intuitive, touch-based software. Our “WE” training comes with a FULL software license for each participant to ensure their expert capability when the class is over.


Weibull Engineering (WE)


“WE” uses statistical analysis for predicting life, quality, maintainability, risk, support cost, process reliability, and warranty. It includes Weibull, and all other useful distributions for modeling data variability. “WE” includes all facets of the journey; data collection, to analysis, to management decision.


Industries Served

The Weibull analysis is applicable across all industries. Fulton Findings serves industries ranging anywhere from aeronautics to dentistry. 

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