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SuperSMITH(TM) software description

 SuperSMITH is the only software package implementing 100% of the recommended methods in Dr. Bob Abernethy's self-published world standard Weibull Engineering (WE) reference, "The New Weibull Handbook(c)". There are three stand-alone programs making up the SuperSMITH package, but they all come in the package and all work together

SuperSMITH Weibull(TM)

 “SSW” - makes probability scale plots showing for each data set the associated model fit line going through or near the input data measurement points. SSW solves for graphical (regression) and non-graphical (likelihood) fits to the input data. Distribution models include Weibull, normal, lognormal, Gumbel lower, and Gumbel upper. Analysis includes support for different input data types with their associated solution methods, distribution analysis for finding the best-fitting model, confidence estimation for lower and upper bounds, 3-parameter solution, and 1-parameter solution. Tools include optimum replacement interval for lowest cost, Abernethy risk for forecasting, basic mixture solution, Barringer process reliability, test planning, and accelerated testing covariate solution. 

SuperSMITH Visual(TM)

 “SSV” – generates standard X-Y plots, log-scale plots, Arrhenius scale plots, pie graphs, and bar charts. Analysis includes curve fitting, function viewing, and global data transforms. Tools include Crow-AMSAA (C-A) reliability growth trending, Nelson recurrent event solution, and forecasting with the C-A model. SSV also provides the auxiliary plotting engine for SSW table output visualization for forecasts and costs, confidence contour visualization, and associated SSW plots like density function, hazard function, and aggregate cumulative hazard (ACH). 

SuperSMITH YBath(TM)

 “SSY” – provides advanced mixture solutions for multiple underlying distributions in the same set of data. Mixture solutions include 4-parameter “Competing Risk”, 5-parameter “Competing Risk Batch”, 5-parameter “Exclusive Or”, and 7-Parameter Competing Risk mixture, which models the Bathtub curve of infant mortality, chance, and wear out. Methods include graphical (regression) and non-graphical (likelihood). 

 In addition to the three analysis programs, there is a common HELP program that can be called from any one of the individual programs. This file also has a "Best Practice" flow chart guide, descriptions of the icons, and a detailed summary of the models and methods available. 

All trademarks except Windows(R) belong to Fulton Findings

  These software programs are written by Wes Fulton and Carl Tarum of Fulton Findings. All Fulton Findings (TM) software products are specifically designed with proprietary technology to use small amounts of computer memory. Fulton Findings programs are unique fully featured programs for advanced variability data analysis and plotting that can be distributed quickly and easily over the internet due to their small size.